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Need something different, fun and exciting?

Foam Parties are the latest entertainment craze that are perfect for your next birthday party, frat party, sports event, festival, or other bay area event. Children and adults of all ages love to play and dance in foam machine bubbles.

The foam is organic and environmentally friendly. We bring the machine and the fun to any bay area event. This new entertainment craze is fun, affordable, and foam parties are safe for the environment with an excellent CPSC safety record unlike inflatable bounce castle products.

We bring all the fun, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your guests having the time of their lives with photo opportunities that will last a lifetime.

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Any party can be a foam party!

Bachelor/bachelorette Parties
Business parties
Company picnics
Birthday parties
Running events
Children's entertainment
Fundraising events
High School events
Fraternity/Sorority parties
Family reunions
Sporting events
And more!
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Israela S.

"Wow! Thank you James for providing an unforgettable birthday party! Your foam bubbles entertained and delighted my son and his friends today and your courteous and professional attitude, wrapped it all up in a bow for me. Highly recommended!"

Lisa R.

"What a fun party for my 10 year old daughter! Bay Area Foam party deliver a wonderful experience. I had several kids tell me this was "the best party ever!"  James was professional, had great communication, and offered a fair price for his service. Set up and clean up was so easy."

Sakshi S.

"He was ever so nice to talk to and work with. All kids and adults told me this was such an amazing and fun party. and I think for first time, even though I am hosting, I got to really enjoy and have fun. Totally doing it again and going back to James :)"

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Our foam party pricing

1-Hour Foam Party

Every party includes
60-minutes of non-stop fun!
Professional foam machine
Trained operator
Family friendly music
Beach balls and other goodies
100% Satisfaction guarantee!

2-Hour Foam Party

Every party includes
Double the fun! 2-hours of non-stop fun!
Professional foam machine
Trained operator
Family friendly music
Beach balls and other goodies
100% Satisfaction guarantee!

100% Satisfaction guarantee

We promise this will be the most fun event you will ever have!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the foam safe?

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We use only the highest quality solution for our foam. It’s Bio-degradable, Non-Staining, Non-toxic and Hypoallergenic! It’s also safe for babies, pets, the environment including lawns and gardens.

Our foam is made up of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerol and water. These are also the main ingredient used in things like shampoo, dish soap and even tooth paste but without the additional chemicals and perfumes.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), A Cleaning agent and Surfactant, is an ingredient in many personal care and cleaning products. SLS is derived from natural resources like coconut and palm kernel oil.
The US Food and drug Administration (FDA) includes SLS on its list of multipurpose additives allowed as a direct food additive.
For more information on SLS please visit.

Glycerol, sometimes referred to as Glycerin, is a sugar alcohol widely used in a variety of personal care products, including toothpaste, hair conditioner, cosmetics, and moisturizers. The FDA has placed Glycerol on its Generally Recognized as Safe List.
For more information on Glycerol please visit.

Will guests get wet?

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When using a foam machine, the participants will get a little wet, but not as wet as running through the sprinklers. We suggest that at children's parties that they wear bathing suits or clothes that they don't mind getting wet.

Can I use the Foam Machine indoors and will it harm floors?

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We recommend that you speak with the venue and obtain their approval prior to booking a Foam Party. We will be happy to call them as well to make the necessary arrangements. You will want to speak with the event coordinator or manager to find out more information about their commercial flooring and interiors prior to producing an indoor event.

How messy is a foam party?

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Because the solution is organic and eco-friendly, there should not be any residue left behind after a foam party. Depending on the humidity level, the foam can sometimes leave a light powdering residue that can be easily washed away with a hose or mop.

Can foam machines be used with other inflatable's (bounces, slides, slip and slides)?

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With supervision, foam machines make a great addition to the traditional bounce house, but because children cannot see each other when bouncing there may be hidden dangers. Care should be taken with entering and exiting bounces once they become wet. An adult attendant should be present at all times to monitor playing.

Complimentary event consultation

Schedule an event consultation with Bay Area Foam Parties. Together, we can figure out what your entertainment needs are. You will also get tips on what to do to make your event shine. Plus, Bay Area Foam Parties can give you a heads up on what common planning pitfalls to avoid and answer any questions you may have. With years of entertainment experience, Bay Area Foam Parties can help you from a creative standpoint to make sure your guests have a truly memorable experience. Call us now at: (408) 681-9354.

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